1520 Hughes Rd

Service through worship.

Simply put, our desire is that our time of worship on Sundays would honor God & point people to Jesus. The term worship is often used in our culture just to refer to the music portion of the service. But we believe that our time of worship includes all that is done – singing, instrumentals, prayer, testimonies, offering, Communion, baptism, & preaching of the Word. Of course we know from Scripture that in a broader sense worship is offering up all that we are to God (Romans 12:1). Sunday morning is just the time that we take during the week to come and do this together as a church family.

Our service is led by our Worship Team, which is a group of people who are not only talented, but who love God, and desire to serve Him and the church family in this way.

Often new people are curious what our style of worship is…and usually by this they mean, “Is it traditional or contemporary?” We don’t necessarily seek to fit into a particular style. Instead, it is our goal to honor God whether we are singing songs that are centuries old or songs that have been released this year.